From its origin as a traditional digestif, amaro has grown to be a staple of bars the world over.

With the release of The Bitter Note Non-Alcoholic Amaro this Italian classic can now be enjoyed by everyone, even if they're not drinking.

The Bitter Note is a non-alcoholic bitter crafted without compromising on the distinctive botanical intensity of classic amari. Its complex, well-balanced flavour is achieved through the infusion and decoction of over 40 botanicals, expertly capturing the character of each ingredient in a harmonious blend.


Carefully prepared and blended, The Bitter Note is a complex herbal concert of flavour notes. Its character is warm, with a gentle bitterness and smooth texture.

The classic Italian herbal liqueur has been reinvented. Drink it on its own with ice and slice of orange, or enjoy in many popular cocktails.


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The Bitter Note is distributed in Australia by The Only Group Pty Ltd t/a Only Bitters

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